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PiLink is an automated datalogging solution for all ECMLink ECUs.  Based on a Raspberry Pi, this system runs the same ECMLink software you've been running on your laptop.  The difference here is PiLink runs in your car automatically all the time!  Never miss data from your ECMLink ECU again! 

Fully automated, the system is designed to take the hassle out of capturing data.  Whether it be for live tuning, post 1/4 mile run analysis, or on course data capture for post-race driving improvement, this system lets you leave your laptop behind.  No more worrying about USB cables coming loose, laptops flying around, or laptop batteries unexpectedly dying, PiLink runs off your car's power and does it all for you.  Add a screen with touch or keyboard/mouse and you can even tune with PiLink right inside your car!

Being built on a Raspberry Pi platform this system allows numerous expansion possibilities, a few of which are available from John Freund Racing.  If you're a techy, this will give you a nicely managed 12V powered stable platform to build more automotive solutions.  PiLink manages automated startup as well as clean shutdown to prevent SD card corruption seen in similar devices.  Even if you're not a computer guy you can still leverage our ready to go expansions with easy to follow documentation to get you going.

IMPORTANT!  This product is made to order.  Depending on inventory it may take a few weeks to order the hardware to produce a unit.  Feel free to contact me for current inventory and expected delivery times.  Also I will communicate any expected delays shortly after your order is placed and keep you informed of status.

NEW RELEASE 1/13/2021 - v1.11 (see Software updates section below for update details):

  • Backup Camera feature added
  • Hotspot SSID can now be customized
  • Various Camera related bugfixes
  • Updated boot splash code so that the wallpaper or video displayed when using an Action Camera (previously was disabled when using any camera upgrade)
  • Configuration Sync bugfixes - including one where using the system tray WiFi utility to change network settings would create a conflict with your USB Drive's settings leading to problems and unexpected reboots.

NEW RELEASE 8/6/2020 - v1.1 (see Software updates section below for update details):

  • Better on-screen virtual keyboard (way better than previous keyboard)
  • Splash video support - Add a video to your PiLink's boot process, and comes with a default video you can enable
  • Automatic cleanup of config files that are saved in Windows format (as opposed to Unix format) - This is for those that forget to use Notepad++ (which not surprisingly is a good number of people!)
  • Hotspot mode -  Enable a hotspot mode so that PiLink makes its own WiFi network automatically when away from your home WiFi.  Connect directly to PiLink and tune your car wirelessly now with your laptop, or even a tablet device!  System tray status icon as well.
  • Improved support for the John Freund Racing 7" Display - It had occasional hiccups with audio and sometimes would flicker during the boot process, and this has been addressed with various refinements.
  • Bug fixes - (major one was for the handful of Pi 4 owners that fixes the Status LED not working)
  • Updated the Tuning Mode button to make it more obvious - also cleaned up the desktop a bit moving shortcut icons to the "Start" menu.
  • ECMLink Backups now include Google Drive sync configurations (if present), and the restore process will restore them.
  • Status LED Brightness can now be adjusted
  • Incremental Updates - After this release you will be able to update to most future releases by downloading updates to your USB Drive and inserting into PiLink (major release will still require full system re-images).  
  • Version info now placed on USB Drive - PiLink now places a "version" file on your USB drive for quick identification of what version you are running.  Necessary for the Update process so you know what updates to apply.

Key Features:

  • It's faster than just putting ECMLink on a Pi. I've done quite a bit of work optimizing the boot time to be very fast. Sure, if you're Linux savvy you can buy a Pi, install the Raspbian OS, and puzzle out the ECMLink install, but out the gate you're looking probably at a 45-60 second or more boot time to ECMLink. Assuming you figure that out you'd still have to figure out all the automation and error handling.  If you can do all this, certainly build one yourself. This product's for everyone else. Don't forget to solve the power management problem of making sure datalogs save when you turn off your car and preventing your storage from corrupting!
  • Automated. Start your car and it captures logs. Stop your car and it saves logs. Easy!
  • Reliable datalogging. Disconnection detection and system error handling to automatically restart processes, reconnect, and restart the data capture. Handles graceful shutdown when you turn off your car by first saving files, powering down the OS, and THEN cutting power to PiLink. If you just stick a Raspberry Pi in your car expect SD card corruption eventually (bye bye logs).
  • Status LED indicator for when PiLink is logging. (Orange LED with lead wire and mounting grommet included).
  • Secure retention of the ECMLink USB cable. No more cable accidentally coming loose.
  • Use with any HDMI display.  Lets you view, and even interact with (with USB mouse/keyboard or touchscreen), ECMLink.
  • Storage of ECMLink logs on a USB drive, with failover to local micro SD card in case of USB drive failure.
  • Accessible over WiFi.  Easily configure your WiFi networks via the USB drive and then access your PiLink from your home laptop or PC by simply turning on your car and using VNC to remote desktop control your PiLink and ECMLink.
  • Automatic Hotspot mode - access your PiLink anywhere!  When not in range of one of your configured WiFi networks PiLink can enable a wifi hotspot that you can use to connect to it.
  • Built in Real Time Clock for accurate timestamps for your logs. Clock auto updates when near your WiFi and the system emails you when the clock's battery needs replacement.
  • Automatic uploading to Google Drive when in WiFi range. When your car gets home before it turns off it will connect to your home network and upload any new logs to your Google Drive account, no need to pull the SD card or USB drive. (requires configuration)
  • Remote Tuning Capable - Utilizing a WiFi hotspot and connecting your PiLink to it you can actually let someone do a remote tune of your car!
  • Customizable start-up music (outputs to 3.5mm stereo cable or HDMI) playing a configurable startup mp3 of your choosing. (requires configuration via USB drive)
  • Customizable splash image. Defaults to a Mitsubishi logo wallpaper but can be set to any image of your choosing. (requires configuration via USB drive).
  • Customizable splash video. Instead of a still image you can use mp4 video instead!  
  • Aviation stylescrew-on connector for 12V power, battery, ground, and LED wires.  Backup Camera purchases will have their Reverse detection wire integrated as well.
  • Attach a USB Keyboard to PiLink. Only really useful if you have a display, but with any USB keyboard (wireless or cable) you can control ECMLink directly. ECMLink however can be reconfigured over WiFi so this isn't necessary unless you want to interact in your car. This does mean you can tune using PiLink, though it may be difficult depending on the screen size and resolution you use with PiLink so choose accordingly!
  • Use this base system for other cool Pi-based systems in your car! It runs on Raspbian, a Linux based operating system, and is incredibly flexible for the tech savvy folks out there. Other ports on the Pi, like the audio output, or other USB ports, are covered (to avoid confusion) but the covers are easily removable with a hobby knife, with the exception of the Ethernet port which I didn't expect anyone to need (you'll need to come up with your own case if you want to use that, or speak with me and I can consider a customization).
  • Updates easily via a USB Drive - simply place the update file in an "update" folder on your drive, insert into PiLink, and power up and the update will apply. 
  • Customizable case lettering and graphics upon request 

Known Issues:

Table tracking does not appear to work properly in the Linux version of ECMLink provided by ECMTuning.  PiLink runs the Linux version of ECMLink provided by ECMTuning.  In the Linux version when tracking for a table is enabled visually the cells do not follow the data live.  The data does capture and can be viewed on another system like a Windows laptop running ECMLink where the tracking will work, and so this really only affects live tuning on PiLink itself.  Also occasional freezes of data stream have been reported when tracking is activated.  I've reported the issues to ECMTuning here:  http://www.ecmtuning.com/forums/showthread.php?t=90725

What's Included in the standard package:

  • PiLink - Raspberry Pi based system in a 3D printed case
  • 16GB Micro SD Card - contains the PiLink operating system and software
  • Wiring Harness - wires for Power, Switched Power, Ground, and LED +/- (If purchasing a Backup Camera upgrade with your PiLink then this will also include the reverse detection wire)
  • Orange Status LED -  with dash panel holder
  • 3M Butt Splice Connectors and Heat Shrink Tubing x 2 - for the LED connection


Documentation and USB Software

Software Updates - Current release is v1.11.  v1.0 users must do a full microSD card update to v1.11 (contact me for microSD image access at [email protected]).  v1.1 users may simply apply the v1.11 update via their USB Drive (reference the PiLink - System Update Guide found in the above link).  v1.11 update can be found in the above link.

Join fellow owners at DSMTuners.com to discuss this product:  https://www.dsmtuners.com/threads/pilink-owners-thread.529698/

NOTE!  This product is MADE TO ORDER.  I do not keep inventory, so I will need to order all these components after you place your order.  Please be patient.  This means I am subject to current parts availability though I will communicate any delays with you. 


1 year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials under normal use and conditions. Free software updates for life. John Freund Racing LLC agrees, at its option during the warranty period, to repair any defect in material or workmanship or to furnish a repaired or refurbished product of equal value in exchange without charge (except for a fee for shipping, handling, packing, return postage, and insurance which will be incurred by the customer). Such repair or replacement is subject to verification of the defect or malfunction and proof of purchase.


Please read our Disclaimer here at https://jfracing.net/disclaimer.  In addition, ECMLink software is provided by and owned by ECMTuning, Inc., and all issues related specifically to that software are ECMTuning, Inc.'s responsibility (i.e. ECMLink software issues need to be taken up with them).