PiLink Relay Control Upgrade

PiLink Relay Control Upgrade

SKU: pilink-relay-control-upgrade-with-pilink-back

This is an upgrade for PiLink users providing Relays and On-Screen controls.  

With this upgrade you get 4 x 3A 12V relays via an add-on board and a taller case to house the relay board.  The relays are controlled on-screen either via touch or a mouse.  Relays can be configured to be normally open or normally closed, and control can be customized to be momentary, peak hold, and to actuate combinations of relays.

A display is required for control of these relays due to the on-screen controls.  The John Freund Racing 7" 1920x1200 Touch Screen HDMI Display is a great match for this.  

Wiring is done via simple screw terminals in which you insert the wires and tighten the terminals.  

This upgrade is compatible with both Raspberry Pi 3 B and Raspberry Pi 4 PiLink models.  A software upgrade is required.

On-Screen Controls are integrated very well with the OpenAuto Pro version of PiLink (as seen in the video above).  The interface is basically the same for non-OpenAuto Pro versions so the video still gives you a good idea of this works on those system.

There are two purchase options for this upgrade

  • Purchased with PiLink - this must be purchased in the same order as PiLink
  • Purchased after PiLink - There is an up charge for this upgrade service.  This requires sending your PiLink to me for the upgrade.  A new case will need to printed, the device disassembled and reassembled with the upgrade and software installed, and then everything shipped back to you.  The extra charge is to cover this labor and the return shipping.  Make sure you have a current ecmlink configuration backup on your USB drive for restoration upon return.  

Customization Options 

  • Screen Size - The software is sized for a 1920x1200 display (matching my 7" Display offering).  If you use a different resolution screen let me know and we'll look at adjusting the display to match.   Either email these details to me or include them during checkout in the notes.
  • Button Functions - There are four relays to control, and buttons can be customized for each.  Buttons can be momentary or Peak/Hold, and buttons can be made to actuate combinations of relays.  Be very specific and clear in describing what you'd like in your layout.  Maximum number of buttons is seven without additional upcharge.  Either email these details to me or include them during checkout in the notes.
  • Background - If you have a specific background you would like to use you may supply it.  It must match the screen size exactly.  You'll need to email this to me after purchase.
  • Case Color - If this is an after PiLink purchase upgrade make sure to tell me of your original PiLink case color and lid customization so they can be replicated with the new case.
  • 5-pin Connector Location - With the increased height of the case the 5-pin Aviation connector can be relocated if so desired from the back of the case to the right side where the USB ports are located.  Doing so means wires are connected to PiLink only on two sides, as opposed to three, which may make your installation easier.