Upcoming Products from John Freund Racing

Here's what I'm considering or currently working on

RaceCapture HUD

This is a heads up display for RaceCapture users. I use this in my time attack Eclipse and love it. I use it for displaying my current lap top so I don't have to take my eyes off the road when the time looks good and I'm going for it. I am working on a two versions, one where the reflective surface is on the windshield, and one where there is a floating reflector you can place elsewhere on the dash (as some windshields won't work well for the reflection). Backups, easy updating, and upgradeable with an Action Camera! 

RaceCapture Dashboard

This is a plug and play Dashboard using the 7" John Freund Racing touch display for running the RaceCapture application in an automated way. Backups, easy updating, and upgradeable with an Action Camera!

Crash Avoidance System

I'm going to look at adding a detection system to my Digital Mirror System (DMS) that will flash on the screen when cars are coming up quickly. This helps with driver awareness so they are ready to act when a faster car needs to pass. It should alert both from center as well as left or right detection. This is similar to what Bosch developed for Corvette racing teams in Le Mans, though mine won't be as good yet will be dramatically cheaper if it works.

Android Auto HUD

I'm going to play around with integrating a simultaneous heads up display with the PiLink Android Auto integration. I think it will work!

Sun Shades for AiM Dash Devices

Oddly these don't exist. I have one for the AiM MXM and am partnering with an AiM distribitor to possibly make more. If you have interest in this and have an AiM device, reach out!

Extracting live data from ECMLink for use with other dashboards (digital dashboards for DSMs?)

ECMLink has zero support for sharing its data, which is a shame as we can't see our data in cool dashboard apps. I'm looking at cracking that data stream so I can share it with things like Real Dash or Race Capture. If I can do this I might be able to offer digital dashboards for ECMLink cars.

Back-up Camera for PiLink

My Digital Mirror System (DMS) Upgrade is great for those that want an always on mirror, but some people want just a back-up camera that comes on when in reverse. Also they want a fish-eye lens which my DMS does not use. I'll be experimenting with other cameras and case designs to see if I can provide an easily installable fish-eye reverse camera for PiLink. If anyone has a 2g license plate bracket I can borrow this will dramatically speed this up! I also will then work on the reverse code but that should be easy.

Radiator Air ducts for the 2g Eclipse

People have in recent years used Nissan 350Z aftermarket air inlet ducts on the front bumper cover. They work... alright but aren't perfect. They don't follow the curve of the bumper surface, they don't slant quite right (they angle off to the side instead of straight to the radiator), and they could be wider. They also could be re-shaped a bit to look better around the central Mitsubishi Diamond Star emblem. I'm going to look at designing a better shape and see if 3D printing them is an option.