PiLink Action Camera Upgrade

PiLink Action Camera Upgrade

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PiLink Action Camera Upgrade

This upgrades your PiLink system so that it acts as a dedicated always on Action video recorder. 


  • Always on recording - like a dashcam, but without the fish-eye lens.  Rolls footage in 10 minute blocks without footage loss.
  • GoPro Hero 3 quality - 1080p at 30fps
  • External microphone - move the microphone wherever you like so that it is out of the wind.  Get clear sound.  Includes 3D printed clip with 3M mounting tape to secure to your dash.
  • Hotspot and WiFi Access - Enabled a automatic Hotspot when away from home, and connects to home WiFi when available for easy access.  Web File server for downloading files wirelessly as well as a Media Server for easy playback from your home or laptop wherever you are!
  • Runs off 12V power - since it runs on your PiLink it starts when you start your car, and stops when you turn it off.
  • Stores on USB - for quick and easy removal from your car.  16GB storage stores over 140min of rolling footage.
  • Timestamps on video files - Thanks to the real time clock in PiLink your video files are saved with accurate timestamps so you know when they were taken.
  • Multiple Mounting Styles and Orientations - Both GoPro and RAM style mounting are available, along with mount brackets for roll cages and flat surfaces.  If you want something not seen here, reach out and we can talk about customizing your Action Camera.
  • Replaceable Lens Protector - Lexan lens cover unscrews for easy replacement (reach out to me for replacement covers).
  • Multiple Camera Designs - Choose the design layout that suits your needs.  The taller design uses an integrated HDMI extension to which you connect an HDMI cable.  The longer design integrates the HDMI cable into it entirely.  Functionally they are identical.

If ordered with your PiLink everything will be assembled and ready to use.  If ordered separately some assembly is required.


  • Action Camera
  • External Microphone with mounting clip
  • USB Sound Card
  • Camera Receiver Module (installs into your PiLink)
  • 16GB USB 3.0 Drive - pre-configured for PiLink
  • Mount - Flat, GoPro style and roll cage mounts available (some incur additional charges)
  • 10ft. HDMI cable


  • Mounting Orientation - choose whether the the mounting provisions are towards the top of the camera, or the bottom.  The taller camera typically you would want the mounts on the bottom so the HDMI cable doesn't interfere with the mounting.  The longer camera can go either way.
  • Mount Type - Flat means there is no mount on the camera case, so you must figure out how to mount it and attach it to your car.  The Roll Cage mounts options are GoPro style mounts, 3D printed,  for 1.5" or 1.75" diameter roll bar tubing (2" are available, just select one of these but specify 2" in the order notes during checkout).  The top mount is a GoPro style, useful for a windshield suction cup mount.  The M6 mount, also 3D printed, is a flat panel mount you attach with M6 bolts or double sided 3M tape (not included)
  • Case Material - Standard temperature range of the camera case is up to 154 deg F, plenty for most places inside a car and outside.  However up under the windshield on the dashboard temps can go higher, so we have a higher temp material up to 235 deg F, plenty for the hottest of days even on a car dash or windshield.  Its front face prints smooth, and there is every so slight curving on the edges (barely noticeable) but otherwise it works well.  Extra charge for high temp as it is expensive and difficult to work with.
  • Mount Standard - If using a mount specify either GoPro style tables or RAM ball mount.
  • Camera Style - Tall or Long version, up to you.
  • Customizable - I can customize the case lettering.  If you have something fancier in mind, let me know.   I can also work somewhat with the mount locations.  Include customizations in your order notes during checkout or email me at [email protected] with your order number and customization details immediately after placing your order.

NOTE!  This product is MADE TO ORDER.  I do not keep inventory, so I will need to order all these components after you place your order.  Please be patient.  This means I am subject to current parts availability though I will communicate any delays with you.

PiLink Software must be updated to v1.11 in order for the Action Camera upgrade to work (please see the PiLink product page for software update details).  


6 Month warranty against defects in workmanship and materials under normal use and conditions. Free software updates for life. John Freund Racing LLC agrees, at its option during the warranty period, to repair any defect in material or workmanship or to furnish a repaired or refurbished product of equal value in exchange without charge (except for a fee for shipping, handling, packing, return postage, and insurance which will be incurred by the customer). Such repair or replacement is subject to verification of the defect or malfunction and proof of purchase.