PiLink Backup Camera Upgrade

PiLink Backup Camera Upgrade

SKU: backup-camera upgrade for pilink

NOTE - the 6-pin wiring harness option will now require an extra $25 option because it's just a lot of work making a wiring harness.  You can add in the comments you want one and I will invoice you for the additional charge.

The backup camera is a 160 degree FOV 1080p 30fps camera that you add-on to your PiLink.  It comes with circuitry for detecting when you are in reverse to automatically display, as well as an option to manually enable the camera.  

Requires a display (of course).  I recommend our 6.8 inch 1920x1080 Touch Screen HDMI Display.

Video demonstration in a vehicle running the OpenAuto upgrade:  Backup Camera Demo Video

One caveat about the camera:  It has a red tinge to it due to increased night time sensitivity.  This is due to it not have Infrared filters on the lens.  This is a design choice to get the best all around camera for all lighting conditions.

Mounting is a license plate mount that uses your existing license plate bolts, very simple.  Passing the camera's cable through the trunk area can be done via wiring grommet.  Note this might be difficult with the bumper cover on the car and may require removal.  Mounting does require trimming of bumper cover material above the license plate (not visible) but a template is included to make trimming easier.  Currently only a 2gb template is available (but it should be helpful for all years).


  • License Plate Mounting bracket -  with 3M exterior tape for camera attachment
  • Backup Camera with integrated 10ft. HDMI cable - 160 degree FOV 1080p 30fps
  • Reverse detection circuit
  • 6-pin connector - optional for you to replace the existing 5-pin connector on PiLink so that you can include the Reverse Detection Circuit's reverse signal wire.

Warning About Cable Length- The signal strength through longer than a 10ft. cable starts degrading causing occasional glitches to appear.  At 13ft. in testing I found occasional banding appearing (a discoloration band but the image was still viewable), and at a full 15ft. I found constant glitches.  Keep this in mind for installation as you may need to relocate your PiLink slightly.

Note - the camera hardware is a night sensitive camera without an IR filter, and as such the image during daytime has a reddish tinge to it.  In general this doesn't affect operation as a backup camera, but understand this was a design decision to improve night time performance.

Requires PiLink v1.11 or greater.


This product is MADE TO ORDER.  I do not keep inventory, so I will need to order all these components after you place your order.  Please be patient.  This means I am subject to current parts availability though I will communicate any delays with you. 


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