AMPS Display Roll Bar Mount

AMPS Display Roll Bar Mount

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A simple roll bar mount for AMPS mounting patterns, perfect for use with small displays like the John Freund Racing 6.8" and 7" displays.  Uses balls allowing articulation of the mounting arm through large degrees of motion.

Some applications:

  • Mounting a display to use as a dashboard for the RaceCapture app running on a Raspberry Pi
  • Mounting a DMS display on your dash, or even above in a typical rear-view mirror position
  • Mounting a PiLink interface, perfect for interacting with and viewing ECMLink software in action

3D printed in ASA and good up to 200 deg F ambient temperatures.  Suitable for dashboard installations where it gets very hot!

Available in 1.5", 1.75", and 2" diameters.

Note - the picture shows the arm mounted to the back of a display, and that display is not included