Display Mount - AMPS

Display Mount - AMPS

SKU: display-mount - amps

This is a 3D printed display mount.  While designed for the John Freund Racing 7" display it can be used by anything with an AMPS mount pattern.   RAM mount system compatible.

Uses M6 zinc coated hardware.  Two printed wing nuts with encapsulated M6 nylock nuts on M6 bolts for easy hand tightening.  All pieces printed in a high strength material resistant to melting up to 113 deg C, perfect for top-side dash mounting in vehicles where it can get very hot.  The display side mount is only 4mm thick with M4-sized bolt holes to be compatible with the M4x8mm  bolts included with the display.

Dash-side mount has M6 sized holes and is 6mm thick in the base plate.  Can be attached to a surface with bolts (not included) or possibly 3M exterior tape (not tested and not included).

Default length from ball center to ball center is 113mm, but this can be customized upon request by noting the desired length order notes during checkout.  Display side ball mount is 23mm from bottom surface to the center of the sphere making the total length from the center of the dash-side sphere to the rear panel of the display to be 136mm.

AMPS bolt pattern is 38x30mm.

Notes on print finish - the material used is very finicky.  The end plate spheres' print quality due to how they must be printed is usually not pretty on one side of the sphere.  You don't see these balls under normal use (they're encapsulated in the mounting arm) and the surface print quality has no effect on use.  It's just a side effect of 3D printing that can't be resolved.