Digital Mirror System

Digital Mirror System

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Digital Mirror System

Designed for racers, this system replaces your mirrors with high resolution and frame rate digital virtual mirrors that are superior.  No more wavy hard to see super wide and long mirrors with a big wing blocking your view, or tiny side view mirrors that bounce out of place after hitting a single gator.  Massively reduced blind spots.  These digital alternatives give you a perfect view of what's beside and behind you.

COMING SOON - DMS Collision Avoidance Upgrade!

The Collision Avoidance Upgrade adds radar detection of high speed vehicles catching up to yours.  Geared towards racers that are on track with higher class/speed cars that can fly up on you before you are notice leaving little time to react.  With the Crash Avoidance system you can be aware of high speed cars catching up to yours so you don't make unexpected moves that put both you and the other vehicle at risk.  Great for Time Attack and multi-class racing.  Alerts are flashed on your DMS display, with tunable settings for alert thresholds based on vehicle speed.

Great for Endurance racers for night time driving!  Night driving requires big headlights and if you do night time racing you know that those huge lights fill your cabin with light when a car is close behind you.  This blinds you making you very uncomfortable and is very distracting.  Using a DMS in tandem with a blacked out rear windshield alleviates this problem dramatically!  The camera and display limit how much light get to your eyes making seeing cars possible without being blinded.  Drivers using our DMS were blown away with how much it improved their night driving experience.

This is NOT the same as dash cams or cheap backup cameras!  Dash cam and backup camera systems use fish-eye lenses which distort your view (something you don't want while racing!).  Often they claim 1080p or higher quality cameras yet do not actually deliver that quality of video (due to using composite video cables incapable of transmitting full 1080p, regardless of how good the camera is).  Also not the same as just slapping a screen and any camera on the car as you'll soon discover the images are not flipped properly.  You need a high quality system designed to replicate a mirror.  You need a DMS.

As a bonus these also have optional looped video recording to a USB Drive, included free in the software.

In-car video:

The system is modular in that you can buy as many as you need, with each replacing one mirror.  Each DMS powers off 12V power and uses one HDMI display which you provide (though there is a very nice one on this site).  I recommend at a minimum a 5" display (though I prefer 7" personally), and a 1024x600 resolution, but larger and higher resolution is always preferred (tailor to your budget).  Here are some known good brands for small HDMI screens (most can be found on Amazon):

  • John Freund Racing 6.8" 1920x1080 Touch Screen HDMI Display - Yes, shameless self promotion, but these are awesome displays and have a sun shade offering.  
  • Seeed Studio - 5" and 7" LCD displays".  Good solid visual output for such an inexpensive display.
  • Eyoyo- 5" and 7" LCD Displays, some with sun shades,  More expensive but great visual quality.
  • Feelworld- 5" and 7" LCD Displays, some with sun shades.  Very similar to Eyoyo in that they are very high quality, though pricey.  

Mounting is left to the user. I can provide a rear GoPro  style mounting for the rear camera that uses M6 bolts to mount to a flat surface, but for side view since every car is different we don't really have a standardized mount.  It's fairly simply to device a mount from your dash using aluminum and then some 3M exterior tape to attach the cameras to the mount.


  • 1080p@30fps Non-Fisheye Camera - High Quality Video to see what's around you clearly. No Fisheye lenses here so that you have a clear view of what's behind and beside your car.  Rear cameras are weather resistant, and side view are not by default but can be upon request.
  • Get Rid of Physical Mirrors - Mirrors leave blind spots, aftermarket ones are often a bit wavy and can knock out of alignment easily, and they can't see through big wings.  Cameras eliminate all these issues!  Also, OEM side view mirrors can account for up to 5% total drag on vehicles!
    Reduces Blind Spots to a minimum - Using a full system with side and rear DMS allow you to virtually eliminate blind spots.  Race safely with full awareness around your car!
  • Automatic Video Recording - dashcam-like recording with periodic video rolling and automated looping.  Can be disabled.  Video only, no sound.
  • Fast boot time - boots to a mirror display in ~10 seconds (with recording disabled, longer boot time of 12-15 when recording is enabled)
  • Customizable Boot Splash - Add your car's brand or your racing team's personal logo to the startup screen.
  • Built on a Raspberry Pi - Customizable for the tech savvy in you, this system utilizes a Raspberry Pi 3 B+.
  • 12V Powered - Designed for a car, these run off a typical car 12V electrical system.
  • USB Power Port for a Display - As of Sept 2021 DMS now includes a 5V USB 3A USB-A port for powering additional devices such as a USB powered display (like the John Freund Racing display), making installation even simpler!
  • Protected against software corruption - Other Pi builders think it's ok to just cut power to a Raspberry Pi.  Believe me, it's not, and eventually those guys will have corrupt micro SD cards and will be wondering why their devices won't boot.  DMS is designed to tackle this poorly understood problem by protecting the software from corruption.
  • Reconfigurable - Each DMS can be used for Side or Rear view by simply changing a setting via the USB drive, and thus are interchangeable.  Useful if you want to keep a backup unit on hand as you only need one spare system core system to cover all DMS.
  • Multiple Camera Styles - Both a tall and thin design ideal for the rear, and a long and short design ideal for side view positions.  
  • Multiple Mount options - Comes with a license plate bracket by default, attached with 3M exterior tape, but this can be swapped with GoPro or even RAM style mounting if needed.  Your choice, we can include either, or neither.  We also offer roll cage and surface mounts for both!
  • Customizable - Camera can be oriented as needed with mounts on top or bottom (specified in the ordering options so we can configure the software accordingly).  Also case and camera lettering can be customized, including graphics, if desired (let us know in the order notes during checkout).  I even can make a roof mounted shark fin enclosure for a rear camera (provides a view that shows the corners, great for blocking passing attempts).  Some customizations require extra costs which we can discuss.
  • Dimmer Switch - Includes optional input that can be wired to a switch to activate software controlled brightness for the display.  Useful when driving at night.
  • Easy Updates via USB Drive - simply place software updates on your drive, insert into your DMS, and upon next power up they will automatically install.

Each DMS includes:

  • DMS Core Unit - Raspberry Pi based system
  • DMS Camera - 1080p@30fps 8MP camera for excellent video quality, integrated cable (15ft for rear, 10ft for side).   Water resistant for rear cameras, must be requested in order notes for side view.
  • 16GB USB Drive - Used for DMS configuration and video recording storage
  • 16GB Micro SD card - contains the DMS software
  • 12V Power Plug - barrel plug for you to solder to your 12V power and ground
  • License Plate Mounting Bracket - My best guess as to the correct angle for your car and license plate position.  Might not be perfect.  Camera attaches with 3M exterior tape and can easily be separated for camera repositioning.  
  • Dimmer Cable Plug - barrel plug to wire to any switch for activating the dimmer function.
  • Optional Mounts - ordered above in the option selections or if you have something unique in mind, like the roof mount shark antennae, make a note during checkout and we can discuss.

Documentation and USB Software

Software Updates - Current release is v1.1.  Users with prior versions may contact me for update information.  Subsequent version updates will be listed below and updateable by placing updates on your USB drive (see documentation for details).

NOTE!  This product is MADE TO ORDER.  I do not keep inventory, so I will need to order all these components after you place your order.  Please be patient.  This means I am subject to current parts availability though I will communicate any delays with you.

If not using my John Freund Racing 7" Display - Please note include details of your display in your order notes so that I may configure your DMS appropriately.  Include model number, product link, resolution, and frequency.  I will do my best to get the settings right but some tweaking may be required.  


6 month warranty against defects in workmanship and materials under normal use and conditions. Free software updates for life. John Freund Racing LLC agrees, at its option during the warranty period, to repair any defect in material or workmanship or to furnish a repaired or refurbished product of equal value in exchange without charge (except for a fee for shipping, handling, packing, return postage, and insurance which will be incurred by the customer). Such repair or replacement is subject to verification of the defect or malfunction and proof of purchase.


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