CAN1/CAN2 Dual CAN Splitter

CAN1/CAN2 Dual CAN Splitter

SKU: can1/can2-dual can splitter


This interface cable splits two CAN bus networks into individual CAN1 and CAN2 connections. Plugs into the common CAN1/CAN2 expansion port for:

  • RaceCapture/Pro
  • RaceCapture/Track
  • PodiumConnect


  • Rugged M8 6P Male for connection to the main system
  • Dual M8 4P female connections for CAN1 and CAN2;
  • Supports up to 1 MB data rate

Each of the CAN connections can be connected to a CAN bus extension cable, a Power+CAN bus pigtail, or directly into one of our CAN bus enabled sensors and accessories.

Limited power (max 1A @12v total) is passed into the combined CAN1/CAN2 branches for powering attached CAN devices. For connecting multiple/high-powered CAN devices, we recommend a combination of the Powered 8 port dual CAN bus hub and Dual CAN bus link cable.

Full Harness Specifications