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AnalogX – 4 channel Analog to CAN bus interface


AnalogX is a compact 4 channel analog to CAN bus I/O expander, ruggedized and hardened for automotive and industrial applications.


AnalogX provides 4 buffered and protected 0-5v sensor inputs, broadcasting sensor values between 1 and 255Hz. A 0.5A 5v reference is also provided for powering sensors.

Features at a high level:

  • Rugged and sealed Industry-standard M8 connectors for CAN/Power and sensors
  • Compact and environmentally protected design; IP65 rating
  • Compatible with our plug and play harness system (cables available separately) – 60 x 60 x 24mm / 100gm

Full specifications

View the full specifications and installation guide

Compatible with our plug and play system

AnalogX2 is compatible with our plug and play harness system, allowing you to simply plug a system together all the way from RaceCapture to individual sensors. Use the Powered 8 port dual CAN bus hub (available separately), to provide power and pass data to RaceCapture, and enable future expansion for other devices.

Compatible Plug and Play harness accessories

For a full plug and play installation, these parts are available separately:

Bare pigtails for custom installation

If you need a custom installation, bare wire pigtails are also available for CAN/power and sensors, or you can source your own industry standard M8 connectors.

What’s in the kit

  • AnalogX 4 channel analog to CAN I/O expander

Note: Cables / connectors available separately, depending on your installation needs.