1g/2g DSM Dash Panel Insert

1g/2g DSM Dash Panel Insert

SKU: 1g-2g-dsm-dash-panel-insert-2g-no

3D Printed panel to fill the stereo hole in the dash panel.  Snaps into place.  Can be customized.

Customization options

  • Logo/text - If you'd like a custom logo you must provide a high quality black and white graphic which will be embossed into the surface.  For test please keep it short and concise.
  • Button or Gauge holes - Must provide very specific instructions as to where they go relative to one edge of the dash panel hole, and precise diameters.  Reinforcement will be adjusted per your design to fit around them.  If there is clearance needed on the backside around holes please specify.  I'll do my best to get this right but you may have to do some final adjustments upon receipt for a good fit.

Items are made to order.  Please allow for at least a week for production.  Longer delays will be communicated after you place your order.

Email me at [email protected] with customization details after you place your order.